5 Heater Repair Tips | Heater Repair Lubbock Tx

Understanding your furnace is important

Here at EGS Heating and Air we think it is important for all homeowners to understand their heating systems even just a little bit. Small tips every home owner should know. | 5 Heater Repair Tips | Heater Repair Lubbock Tx

1. When should your furnace be inspected?

In the late summer and early winter months are the best times to have a furnace repaired. Having this done at these specific times will benefit you when the harsh heating conditions and cold winter months come in. These are the times when the most furnace problems occur. A furnace inspection allows you a technician to find problems and resolve them before it becomes out of hand and expensive.

2. Signs that your furnace needs some attention.

The age of a furnace plays an important factor in this but it is not the only factor. If you are experiencing and uncomfortable home weather the temperature be to high or to low this could be a sign that something is amiss with your HVAC system. This can come from worn components in your system, dirty filters, or something worse.

Higher electric or gas bills can be another sign that you might want to have a professional look at your unit. It is always a good idea to track your energy consumption at different times of the year to make sure your getting the best out of your equipment.

3. Most Important tip! | Heater Repair Lubbock Tx

Make sure you always have a clean air filter. This is one of the most important things that most homeowners forget. A heater and air conditioner alike need to have air flow freely through them. With a clogged filter this will lead to faster component breakdown and can increase fire hazard. Some technicians say you don’t need to replace the filter until every 3 months but we recommend you change it at least once a month. Stay stocked on filters and make sure they are always clean. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

4. Thermostat…. | Heater Repair Lubbock Tx

This fourth one is an interesting one, we get called on this one a lot and it is one of the easiest fixes. Make sure your thermostat has good batteries in it. This sometimes fixes the whole problem but also check the debris and build up on the thermostat. Sometimes a quick little clean and fresh batteries can fix the entire problem.

5. Knowing When to call a Professional

Sometimes we can go through a lot of troubleshooting ourselves and not seem to figure it out. It is okay though there is always one more solution. Call a professional licensed HVAC Technician. There is no shame in not figuring it out ourselves. The last thing you want to do is make the problem worse or even more dangerous. We have been doing this for many years and are available to aid you anytime of the day. Give us a call today and we will be right over to help you figure out the pesky problem. Mention this article and you will get the diagnostic fee waived! Call now.

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